Dear Potential Franchisee,

It is important for you to understand concerning the application and evaluation forms
LunchStop, Inc. may require a report of credit regarding the individuals name I this
application or evaluation. This information may be gathered from a consumer reporting
agency and may be an investigative report covering such information as to the
applicants character and general reputation. Upon written request within a reasonable
time after submission of this application or evaluation to LunchStop, mc, the application
may receive full disclosure of the nature and scope of the report requested.

The statements in this application and evaluation are warranted to be true, full and
complete. No statements, written or verbal, furnished to any officer, employees or
representative of LunchStop, Inc. shall be noticed unless same is contained in this
application or evaluation. This application and evaluation and its entirety is made and
delivered by applicant upon terms and conditions sat forth herein as the inducement to
LunchStop, Inc. to consider a franchise for the location expressed herein and UPON

No representation, promises, oral or written, inducements, agreements or undertakings,
express or implied, other than those set forth herein, have been made by LunchStop,
Inc. or by any person acting on its behalf, nor relied upon by applicant in making this
application or evaluation. The application and evaluation, consists of a total of three
pages including any attachments and this letter, and shall constitute the entire
application for a franchise,

Yours truly,

LunchStop, Inc.

I (we) acknowledge having read all of this application prior to its execution.

I (we) recognize that LunchStop, Inc. is not in any way obligated to franchise a store to
me/us because of our execution of these documents. All information contained herein
will be used solely by LunchStop, Inc. and remain confidential except to the extent
disclosure is required by State or Federal law.

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