Feedback is critical to the success of any company. LunchStop always welcomes feedback on current programs and encourages suggestions for future products and services.

One way is through the “secret shopper” survey. LunchStop corporate likes to periodically seek feedback from an anonymous source. Complimentary meal coupons and structured survey forms will be provided to select employees who use the onsite cafe. They will complete a questionnaire regarding their experience in the café. Our local management team will review all questionnaires and address any concerns immediately.

LunchStop’s Senior Management will visit your location, to obtain specific opinions, including views regarding the LunchStop management team assigned to your operation via our table talks and location meetings. This has proven to be a valuable tool in managing the long-term relationships and services for customers. Our regional staff meets with our clients on a routine basis to gain comments regarding the day to day operations. They will then share with their fellow management team members and franchisees the best practices, as we are always looking for ways to grow and improve our business at our customer's locations.

Another feature of the program is the prepaid business reply comment cards. These are available to each employee both in the cafe as well as online at, so that a customer can easily communicate with LunchStop. Customers simply respond to the questions on the card or use the blank space available and email it or drop it in the mail. It will be delivered to and reviewed by LunchStop’s President at the corporate office. Once reviewed, it is passed to the local regional manager to address specifically at your company. If the customers indicate they would like to speak to a company representative, they will receive a phone call from the Regional Operations Manager in charge