LunchStop Food Services Management

LunchStop provides experienced professional management of for cafeteria, catering, office beverage services and vending for companies and public facilities throughout the US. This will allow you to bundle your services, maximize your business opportunity and have one contact instead of numerous vendors.

LunchStop operates on a straight profit and loss agreement. No management fee will be charged.

LunchStop provides the management personnel for the transition, during the opening period and throughout the life of the contract. These team members include our designated Regional Operations Manager, Area Operations Manager, Franchisee and other senior management staff. LunchStop directly manages the cafeteria employees. LunchStop assures that cafeteria staff are trained in the areas of total customer care and safe food handling procedures. All cafeteria staff are professionally attired.

LunchStop offers intranet online catering programs to service your catering customers more rapidly and conveniently.

Our café décor specialist will inspect the café and recommend the décor package that best fits the theme of your account. LunchStop management will then review the package with you for your approval. You are only responsibile for décor, facility improvements, equipment and smallware. LunchStop will transition from your current vendor with no traditional “Start Up Costs”.

LunchStop optimizes employee participation in the café by offering an expanded selection of daily menu choices based upon customer input and executing internal marketing campaigns and merchandising techniques.

LunchStop brings creative marketing and promotional programs that have been designed to stimulate customer interest and reflect trends and changes in the food industry.

LunchStop regularly performs quality assurance unit inspections to assure performance to all contract terms and compliance with LunchStop policies and procedures.