The strength of LunchStop is based upon our philosophy of doing business and the structure of our company. Being the only DOC approved franchisor in the contract food service management sector, we stay focused on our core business and work under the rules of the FTC. LunchStop targets companies with a population level of 700 to 1,500 employees. At this level we are able to offer a full service program managed by a business owner and supported by our experienced management team without the need of charging your company a subsidy.

Each location enjoys a unique fresh food service program tailored to meet the individual needs of your companies employees. We are the only select market food service specialist who provides the on-site food service personnel with the high level of training, supervision and support services required to create an individualized, custom service for you.

Our profits come from the sales in the café, not from charging you a subsidy. The franchisee is the actual owner of the business. Also, most of the LunchStop management team are shareholders in the company. We have moved away from the employee mentality into the entrepreneur/owner mentality. Everyone owning a piece of the business creates a team driven to do whatever it takes to ensure total customer satisfaction.

We believe in business diversity, with a very high percentage of our Franchisees and business owners coming from varied ethnic backgrounds.

The benefit to your company is that it gives you the cost advantages of an independent and the support of a large corporation. A true “partnering” occurs between your company and LunchStop.

Many of the traditional food service companies focus on the bottom line. This is where subsidies and management fees are created. They often forget that building the business is the most important part of providing the food service at your company. LunchStop is a sales-driven organization. By focusing on sales, we service more of your company’s employees, which equates to more productivity for your company.

LunchStop - Small enough to care, big enough to deliver.