Daily menus will include a wide variety of hot and cold entrees, a self-serve salad bar, made to order and pre-made specialty sandwiches, soups, fresh deli and entree salads, hot and cold beverages, and a complete line of dairy products, ice cream novelties, fresh fruit and snacks.


The breakfast menu includes a selection of hot breakfast favorites such as pancakes, omelets, bacon, sausage, ham, breakfast burritos, hash brown potatoes, and the signature Bountiful Breakfast Special, which is a value combination meal. Additionally, fresh fruits, cereals, yogurt, juices and a variety of coffees and teas are also available.


Lunch service includes:

Details of each of these offerings is outlined here:


The Heaping Heroes station will offer a great variety of sliced meats and cheeses, mixed fillings, high quality breads and rolls and a full selection of toppings. Sandwiches are offered on a made to order basis as well as grab and go selections for those with limited time.


Hot and fresh daily specials will be presented to increase variety for regular patrons and entice new customers.


One of the most popular stations, here is where the made to order burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, fries, etc. as well as a grill special and combo meals are featured daily. These are guaranteed to satisfy even the most serious appetites.


An ever-changing variety of fresh and prepared salad selections to cater to light and healthy or hearty appetites will be presented. Customers can create a small salad to accompany their entree or create a complete and delicious lunch in itself. In addition to our multi faceted salad bar, creative entree salads have received rave reviews. These pre-made salads may include such delicious selections as:

These salads are handy for employees on the go and for the customer who prefers to have their salad prepared for them. They are available on a rotating basis.


Proudly featured items include fresh muffins, bagels, croissants, donuts, cakes, pies, assorted pastries, cookies, brownies and nut breads. A full selection of desserts will be available throughout the service period. The selections will vary to maintain interest and provide expanded offerings.


There will be a presentation display full of assorted snacks including chips, cakes, pie, candy bars, gum and mints, energy bars, protein bars, snack mixes, trail mix, hard candies, assorted nuts and many others attractively displayed.


LunchStop realizes that today’s customers expect “Finer Moments” in quality, service and value. We are consistently working to address these expectations. LunchStop will offer ongoing, as well as featured promotions, to encourage regular participation and customer satisfaction.

In addition to the meal coupon programs (presented in the”Concept” section), there are the “LunchStop Bundles”. These will include such combinations as:


This is a selection of lighter offerings in the many stations of the café. We offer these items for the budget minded or those that are looking for a reduced portion.


It’s beneficial to have onsite quality catering services available to meet your special needs from the smallest meeting to the largest formal reception.

The on-site food service personnel will be thoroughly trained in catering services. This team can provide everything that is needed for day-to-day catering requirements with quality food and presentation guaranteed.

Your LunchStop management team will work with you and the franchisee to introduce our catering menu. Of course, functions vary and we can accommodated your needs and meet virtually any catering event that may arise.


LunchStop is proud of our selection of beverages. We start with our special Peerless premium micro roasted coffee that is Fare Trade and certified organic. We serve this in a cup that is approved as “green” and offer flavor shots and creamers at no additional costs to our customers.

Our cold beverages are of National brands that are well known in the market place. We offer a wide variety of soda, juices, waters, and energy drinks.