Cafe Operators

LunchStop strongly believes that local ownership of your employee dining facility by the operator of the facility creates an environment where your operator has a vested interest in your facilities success. As such, all of the LunchStop cafeteria's are locally owned and operated.
LunchStop is proud to be the original and only recognized franchise contract feeder by the California Department of Corporations and operate under the rules of the Federal Trade Commission as an approved Franchisor. The LunchStop team is proud of the investment they have made in its concept, corporate future and ability to continue to serve their clients with the finest in food service management.
A key component of the successful franchise arrangement is strong and responsive supervision from a corporate level, which exceeds our competition. Starting with the President and CEO through the Regional and Area Managers, there is a dedication to excellence and a commitment to the food service program.
The Franchisee is an individual who has invested in the Franchise concept of the business and performs as the café owner. This concept of food service management works to your benefit in the following ways:
Because the Franchisee has a vested interest in the success of the food service operation, that person is a much more highly motivated and innovative worker than a traditional corporate salaried food service manager. Satisfied customers directly affect the Franchisee’s income.
The Franchisee is the business owner at the location. LunchStop’s management team is there to help and guide, but the bottom line is if the franchisee does not perform, to the client’s expectations, there is no paycheck on Friday afternoon.
The franchise program is more cost effective. ABC Company will not pay a traditional management fee. The individual operation will incur minimal overhead operating expenses as compared to other food service management alternatives. At the same time, they benefit from LunchStop’s resources including corporate support, purchasing programs, training and marketing support, business development opportunities and professional supervision.
The rate of turnover of our Franchisees is far lower than that of their salaried counterparts, due primarily to the fact that they are entrepreneurs that identify much more closely with the business and their customers. This, of course, results in greater continuity and no interruption of service.

Selecting an Operator

Perspective Operators come to us with varied levels of experience. Some are trained chefs, some restaurant/café owners, some food service professionals and others business owners. Once we know the specific demands of the client location, we can best match the perspective Operator with the account. After selecting the best matches, we ask you to interview and comment on the candidates before the final Operator is placed in the location.
The recruiting process for a Operator begins with a series of interviews and reference checks. Each individual’s level of competence, business experience, financial stability, and service commitment is evaluated. Once evaluation is passed, they proceed to the corporate training center. During the training period the potential operator is evaluated by each of the trainers focusing understanding the material (menu planning, business development, bookkeeping responsibilities, insurance and vendor applications, appearance, customer exposure and interaction with one another along with meeting the demands of several different trainers.
LunchStop carefully screens our Franchisee partner. We review their experience, knowledge and business acumen to determine their qualifications as a LunchStop franchising team member and the spirit of an entrepreneur. An outline for the franchisees responsibility is detailed in the staffing section.
After completing the detailed training programs, the potential operator is further evaluated to determine which operation, by size, responsibility and scope they are best suited to manage. Only then will they be introduced to the district for final approval. Training topics include food safety certification, marketing, promotions, menu planning, catering, accounting and total customer care.
The training programs and quality standards are continually updated. One requirement is that each member of the management team and each operator complete training and certification in food safety and sanitation, as required by state law. We offer ongoing seminars in many areas of food service management. Operators are required to attend a minimum of four sessions each year and are encouraged to attend many other optional seminars.

Sanitation and Hygiene

LunchStop has a stringent focus on sanitation and hygiene. All members of the LunchStop franchising team hold a certificate in either ServSafe or Experior, both respected food handler’s certification programs. In addition, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checklists are provided for the cleaning of the equipment and facility managed by LunchStop. The Regional and Area Operations Managers conduct routine inspections and perform an annual detail written inspection of the total LunchStop operation at your location. We work directly with the Environmental Heath Agency in your region to insure compliance with the many health codes and practices that guard the safety of your employees.
Our franchisee will train the café staff in proper food handling procedures and maintain a HACCP program in the café. Everything will be done to insure safe food is delivered to your employees.

Quality Assurance

LunchStop is committed to customer satisfaction. The team will work to understand and meet the customer’s expectations. To assist in the mission of providing the best blend of products and services and meeting a customer’s requirements, a multi-faceted quality assurance program has been instituted.


All personnel will be professionally dressed to enhance the appearance of the café. Therefore, LunchStop has designed a fresh, clean uniform. The basic uniform includes a white polo shirt, nametag, black apron and hat with the LunchStop logo and dark slacks.
LunchStop management believes the culinary staff should be easy to identify and that personal hygiene and professional appearance are critical to the success of the cafeteria operation.